Juvenile Salmon and Freshwater Acidification

Ocean acidification and its impacts have received a lot of attention recently. However, much less is known about freshwater acidification and its impacts. A new study examines how both freshwater and ocean acidification affects juvenile salmon.

Study Links Salmon Survival to Different Climatic Factor

It’s long been believed the behavior of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation was the best predictor of salmon survival. Now a new paper is suggesting it’s the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation fisheries and biologists should be watching. 

Trout Need Cold, Wide, Connected Waters

As the world warms, many species are migrating, seeking habitat within a temperature range they can tolerate. This movement has involved organisms as different as birds and trees. But not all species are so mobile. This is especially true for freshwater fish, including several species of landlocked trout in the Western United States. The problem:…

Chinook Salmon Can Adapt to Warming Waters — Up to a Point

Warming rivers threaten the survival of Pacific salmon. As long as the rivers don’t get too warm, however, the fish may be able to adapt. In the first assessment of its kind, Canadian researchers quantified the ability of Chinook salmon to genetically adapt and acclimate to warmer waters. While Pacific salmon are susceptible to climate…