Northwest Climate Recap

As the fall rains return, let’s not forget that we just had one very hot summer. We give you the numbers in this Northwest Climate Currents.

Ocean and Cascades to Dampen Heat Waves?

A new study suggests that although heat waves will be more common as the planet warms, the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade mountains could play a buffering role here in the Northwest.

Fewer Freezing Days

Climate change is bringing fewer days below freezing to North America, study suggests.

Warmest Year On Record

Last year Oregon and Washington experienced their warmest year on record. Here’s what we know about 2015’s anything-but-normal climate. 

Arctic Warming a Small Factor in Middle-Latitude Trends

Scientists long have known that sea ice is shrinking in a fast-warming Arctic. But what remains somewhat mysterious is what this means for other climatic factors. Now a new analysis by NOAA scientists is offering some greater clarity and challenging past assumptions. The prevailing hypothesis is the loss of Arctic sea ice is leading to…

Western Oregon and Washington Post Warmest Winter

The winter of 2014-15 was the warmest winter on record in western Washington and Oregon. (Climatologists define winter as the months of December through February.) Each winter month was warmer than average at almost every Oregon recording station. Hundreds of high-temperature records were broken, with only a few dozen low-temperature records set. In some places…