Large Storms May Help Snowpack

Future warming in the Northwest may be less severe during large precipitation events.


When it Rivers, it Pours

A new look at how atmospheric rivers and extreme precipitation will increase in a changing climate.

Wetter, Wilder Winters in Store for West Coast

More and stronger winter deluges will pummel the West Coast as the climate warms, projections show. Researchers at the University of Washington looked into the size and frequency of future “atmospheric rivers” — those long, narrow swaths of moist air loaded with tropical or subtropical vapor that trigger many of the biggest flooding events on…

Wettest Storms Linked to Planetary-Scale Waves

Some of the wettest storms in the Northwest are “atmospheric rivers.” This is a catchy name for a phenomenon in which an elongated band of warm moist air intersects with the Pacific coast of North America. Researchers long have known that atmospheric river events are linked to their subtropical moisture source. But a new look…