Ocean Acidification and Phytoplankton

Ocean acidification might just be the greatest current threat to ocean life. A new study looks at how phytoplankton species may respond. 

Juvenile Salmon and Freshwater Acidification

Ocean acidification and its impacts have received a lot of attention recently. However, much less is known about freshwater acidification and its impacts. A new study examines how both freshwater and ocean acidification affects juvenile salmon.

Waldbusser and Hales Join Up to Study Ocean Acidification

Editor’s Note: This issue of The Climate CIRCulator spotlights not one, but two researchers in the same profile. To see why, read on. You could think of Oregon State University scientists George Waldbusser and Burke Hales as the Lennon and McCartney of climate science. Like the two Beatles icons, their collaboration works precisely because of their…

The Role of Saturation in Seashell Formation

From the corals of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the shellfish hatcheries of the Pacific Northwest, ocean acidification’s effects on shell-forming organisms are now well documented. However, ocean acidification research has tended to focus on just one aspect of the phenomenon’s chemistry: pH. Now, a new study  published in Nature Climate Change suggests pH alone…

Sea Butterflies’ Shells Dissolve as pH Drops

Ocean acidification is potentially devastating for shell-forming organisms from corals to oysters, evidence shows. But to date, few studies have demonstrated acidification’s effects in the wild. Now, new findings suggest one seafaring shell-maker could be the key to understanding its effects on the West Coast’s ocean ecosystem. The animal is Limacina helicina, a small pteropod commonly…