So Long, John. Hello, New Coworker.

We say goodbye to a longtime colleague while looking for a new one.


Featured Researcher Dave Peterson, Adapting Our Forests to Climate Change

U.S. Forest Service researcher Dave Peterson talks about how climate change is threatening the West’s forests and the adaptation efforts he and others are taking.

Kavita Heyn, Early Adapter

Kavita Heyn, a native of Portland, Oregon, has multiple reasons for tackling climate change. First, she reads the science. Second, she works for a large municipal water utility that’s concerned about how climate change will affect its customers’ water. And third, climate change is messing with her weekends. “Like many Northwesterners, I’m really passionate about…

Featured Researcher Nick Bond, Washington State Climatologist

Washington State Climatologist Nick Bond sees himself as a generalist, not a specialist. But that’s the way he likes it. As state climatologist, Bond is responsible for assessing climate impacts on his state. This has not only given him the opportunity to learn a little bit about a lot of different things, but in the…

Featured Researcher: Dave Hill, “Mr. Estuary”

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Dave Hill was fascinated with flight. He parlayed this fascination into an undergraduate degree in aeronautical engineering. But in 1993, shortly after graduating, Hill had to face the facts. The aerospace industry was at a low point. So he switched gears. “I thought long and hard about what…