Spokane Climate Project, Our New Workbook Series, and Ann says Goodbye

As part of our joint effort with the community of Spokane, Washington, the CIRC team has been advising Spokane community members as they create a climate vulnerability assessment for the Spokane region. This has been a long, at times difficult but nonetheless rewarding process that is now coming to something of an end, at least…

Adaptation Partners

A look at the climate adaptation work being done by the US Forest Service.

Documenting the Drought

Last summer, CIRC partnered with Oregon Sea Grant to interview Oregonians about how they were responding to the drought. Video of these interviews is now available.

CIRC’s Big Wood Project

John Stevenson, CIRC’s Extension Climate Specialist, reflects on what we learned helping residents in Idaho’s Big Wood River Basin adapt to climate changes.

Northwest Wetlands and Climate Change

Important to both human and natural systems, mountain wetlands are both understudied and uniquely vulnerable to climate changes. Now, a new research approach is offering solutions.