Highlighting applications of climate tools to decision-making

Katherine Hegewisch, John Abatzoglou, and Erica Fleishman The Climate Impacts Research Consortium is pleased to introduce two new series of documents that increase accessibility of the Climate Toolbox: the Climate Toolbox Summaries series, which provides overviews of tools, and the Climate Toolbox Case Studies series, which highlights how users are applying the tools to decision-making….

Spokane Climate Project supports local and state climate initiatives

CIRC resources drive climate policy in Spokane Kara Odegard Much has happened since we last reported on the Spokane Climate Project. In 2018, CIRC partnered with members of the Spokane, Washington, community to help our region better understand the wide range of impacts that are expected as climate changes. CIRC assisted local Spokane stakeholders in…

Recruiting Stakeholders to Improve Drought-Impact Indicators in the Northwest

CIRC scientists are seeking natural resource management, tourism, and recreation stakeholders for a new project to develop drought-impact indicators Bart Nijssen, John Abatzoglou, and Katherine Hegewisch If you are interested in participating in the below project, please contact one of us for more information: Bart Nijssen (nijssen@uw.edu), John Abatzoglou (jabatzoglou@ucmerced.edu), or Katherine Hegewisch (khegewisch@ucmerced.edu). Regular…

Adaptation Partners

A look at the climate adaptation work being done by the US Forest Service.