New Website; New Coverage; New Schedule

The Climate CIRCulator is the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute and the Pacific Northwest Climate Impacts Research Consortium’s now five-year effort to review climate change studies and projects covering the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, we’ve made a number of changes, including changing how our articles are written and shared online as well as what we cover. Now, we’re embarking on what are probably our most ambitious changes to date.

Because many of you have asked, the CIRCulator now has it own website. (We apologize for the hiatus we took to make this possible.) As per readers’ suggestions, we are also currently working on archiving and categorizing our content to make it easier for students, journalists, and fellow climate and social scientists to find the research they are looking for, and maybe get a few surprises along the way. We currently have the previous year of our content organized by subject and archived by publication date.

The other big change we are making is to our content. In listening to our partners and readers over the last year, it has come to our attention that we are not covering enough of the great social science currently being published around climate change. This issue marks the start of a new emphasis on research covering stakeholder engagement, community adaptation, and messaging around climate change. In part to accommodate this change, we’re moving our publication schedule to once every two months.

As always, we would love to hear what you think about these changes, and if you have suggestions for how we might improve our coverage in the future.

And to our many readers who have stuck with us throughout the years…


—Nathan Gilles

Managing Editor The Climate CIRCulator
Communications Specialist
The Pacific Northwest Climate Impacts Research Consortium

Nathan Gilles is the managing editor of The Climate Circulator, and oversees CIRC’s social media accounts and website. When he’s not writing for CIRC, Nathan works as a freelance science writer. Other Posts by this Author. 

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  1. Kim Carson says:

    What a great development with the newsletter! Wow!

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